The Black Background Masterclass


Learn how to master black backgrounds so that you can create a new or increased profit stream in your photography business!


Your ideal client is out there, ready for you to capture portraits that make their horse look like a million bucks while paying you the big bucks (see what I did there? ;))



Learn my proven system for black backgrounds that will attract your ideal client!


Why do black background portraits make so many of us want to cry & throw in the towel?

The first time I opened photoshop I actually cried - like legitimate, puffy, red eye tears.

I know I'm not the only one who feels like this, but I am here to tell you it does NOT have to be this way...

So you get to a black background photoshoot, excited to capture stunning portraits of the horse in front of you buttt...

The horse won't stand still.

The aisle is a mess.

There's light coming from every direction.

And all you can really focus on is how the heck you're going to edit the lead rope out of every one of these shots.

Then you get home, upload your files, and crack open photoshop only to be overwhelmed by the seemingly 6,087 buttons & what the heck any of these really do...

Let me let you in on a little secret though... 

Photoshop is actually like your very own magic trick once you learn the secret recipe ;)


Black backgrounds were the #1 source of revenue & more importantly NEW clients in my business for the first 2 years. 

Black backgrounds have been all the rage in the equine photography world for a few years now & they aren't going to be falling off the face of the Earth any time soon...

Let's be honest - what horse owner DOESN'T want glamour shots of their horse to hang on their walls & post on the 'gram?! 

Are you ready to serve the abundance of clients out there dying to have portraits of their horse, checkbooks in hand? 

 The Black Background Masterclass

Learn how to master black backgrounds so that you can create a reliable profit stream in your photography business!

With this Masterclass you'll be able to...

Use Lightroom & Photoshop to edit like a Pro

You'll learn my exact presets for editing in Lightroom & my complete technique for editing simple & complex images in Photoshop. Through in-depth video trainings, you will have all the tools you need to edit with ease.

Master camera settings for black backgrounds

I go into detail about what settings I use, why, and how to make your camera settings work FOR you, regardless of how complicated the lighting & shooting scenario may be.

Complex full body edit

Learn exactly how to do a seamless full body edit, even with complicated shooting & editing conditions (like a messy floor & accidentally leaving part of the horse out of the frame 🫣).

Floor replacement tutorial & template

I'll teach you how to replace the floor when it's too messy to clean up & have horizontal & vertical templates for you to use in your own editing!

 And That's Not All...

This course is PACKED with every tool you'll need to take your black backgrounds to the next level.

Want a sneak peek?

Here's What You'll Learn...

Module One:

Mastering the Ideal Edit

This module includes a PDF Guide and one hour video with full editing tutorial for a black background portrait shot in "ideal" conditions.

Inside this module we cover:

  • Equipment needed for black backgrounds
  • Camera settings
  • Picking where to shoot
  • Posing the horse
  • Lightroom Presets for editing
  • Full video editing tutorial of an "ideal" black background portrait
  • How to edit the eyes to make them pop & give your images an artistic edge 
Module Two:

The Full Body Edit


In this video training I go into detail on how I deal with difficult horses during photoshoots & how to edit black backgrounds from "less than ideal" shooting scenarios

Inside this module we cover:

  • How to deal with difficult horses
  • Editing a full body shot from a complicated shooting scenario
Module Three:

Special Editing Scenarios


This module includes four video trainings on more nuanced edits so you are fully prepared no matter what shooting or editing situation you find yourself in.

Inside this module we cover:

  • Fixing confirmation/the body with the liquify tool
  • How to edit eyes straight on
  • How to color correct a black coat
  • How to edit a difficult forelock
Module Four:

Floor Replacement


In this module I show you how I replace the floor when it's too messy to editW& how I add shadow to give it a more realistic appearance.

Inside this module we cover:

  • Full body floor replacements
  • Includes horizontal and vertical floor replacement downloads for your own images

White Background Editing Tutorial

In this video editing tutorial, I cover exactly how I take & edit white background images using the same principles I do for Black Background portraits!

Need proof that...

The Black BackgroundMasterclassworks?

Got a few surprises for you...

So much more than just a course on Black Backgrounds!

The Bonus line up for this Masterclass is PACKED full of incredible resources to help you grow your equine photography business


Crafting your Perfect Session Guide

What do you do when an email pops in your inbox with an inquiry for a session? Do you scramble to put a price and some info together for them?

You need to have a beautifully crafted Session Guide to send to them. In this bonus video training I teach you how to craft a beautiful & informative Session Guide to send out to potential clients so that you can spend less time answering questions and book more sessions! 

($297 VALUE)  Included with The Black Background Masterclass!


The Essential Guide to Equestrian Photography

Are you ready to learn the foundations of equestrian photography so that you can confidently work with horses, humans, and different types of natural light?

With your access to the Black Background Masterclass you also receive this 50+ page PDF that covers all the essentials of equestrian photography! 

($197 VALUE)  Included with The Black Background Masterclass!


Marketing your Equine Photography Business

In this 60+ minute training video, you'll learn all the ways I market myself as an equine photographer & keep a booked up calendar with happy clients!

($297 VALUE)  Included with The Black Background Masterclass!

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One Payment

Save $179 when you pay in full today! (BEST VALUE)


Most Flexible


8 Monthly Payments

Pay only $97 today! Then just 7 more payments of $97.